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All GMI online live 1 to 1 lessons are delivered using the Google Meet app. Please ensure that you have a Google email account before booking a lesson. If you do not have a Gmail account, simply create one in order to undertake your lesson.

After you have chosen a tutor, lesson style, date/time and purchased a lesson, you will immediately receive an email confirming your lesson tutor, date and time. This appointment can be added to numerous online calendars such as Apple, Google, Outlook and Microsoft 365 calendars.

In addition, on booking, you will be offered a QR code to point and click your mobile phone to immediately add your lesson to your chosen calendar app.

You can then login to this website which allows you to:

    • View your past and future lesson appointments.
    • Contact your tutor via this website’s internal messaging service as well as receive messages from you tutor.
    • Change your lesson appointment time or change the date (NOTE: cancellations must be carried out at least 2 days from your appointment time or you will be charged for your lesson booking.
    • See your upcoming lesson link to the Google Meet online video platform.


All of the guitar and music teachers who teach with GMI are respected professionals, some with decades of experience instructing people from all walks of life on how to play and develop as guitarists. There are many to choose from from around the world. Please check them out on our MAP which has a region selector at the top of the page. We are confident you will make fast progress using our service.

    • In most cases, teachers will send media such as music and TAB notation, mp3 files and other resources to back up your lesson.
    • Your lessons are recorded for you and your tutor’s security. You will be sent your recording of the lesson by your tutor after the lesson has ended.
    • If you have chosen to have your lesson professionally edited by GMI, you will receive your edited lesson within 2 days.

If you agreed to allow GMI to use your lesson (with your face and identity obscured) within our other websites for a 10% price reduction, this will be edited and used by GMI as needed, you need do nothing more. See our FAQs for more information about “ALLOW LESSON TO BE RECORDED” option.


Make sure that the tutor you choose teaches the style or level you are looking to learn. For example, all teachers who want to teach beginner guitar players will offer lessons that you can book where the term BEGINNER is clearly stated.

Our lesson booking system takes time differences into account. As our tutors come from all over the world, your lesson time will be shown in YOUR TIMEZONE.

That is, if you live in the Central USA time zone and you book a lesson with a tutor in Greece, you will be 8 hours BEHIND the tutor due to time zone differences and this difference will be reflected in your lesson booking information.

EXAMPLE: Your tutor is available to teach at 6pm on Saturday 20th – your lesson will show that the time of your lesson will be 10am on Saturday 20th.

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